EDIT: Warning

Following food poisoning likely related to this product (poorly preserved), I am perhaps too cautious but I publish this article to share several observations. I then leave this article because I think everyone is free to eat what he wants or not. For my part I stop my consumption of Réjuvélac, and I do indeed buy more than sprouts sold in stores (and I’ll do more myself).

Beware though, for the seeds, I insist on the fact that if done in good hygiene and temperature requirements, it is no problem (but once aware of the poisoning, we look twice. ..). However, noted that it was food poisoning are more common since it is “fashionable”.

What you should know:

  • 8 times out of 10, the composition réjuvélac produce more bad than good bacteria (source here)

    “Florida Hippocrates Institute following the footsteps of Dr. Ann Wigmore, finally eliminated the Réjuvelac its health program, not because it is inefficient (it has proved its efficiency for years and still date), but because too many people did not react very well to its consumption. ” Colette, Veg an’Bio

  • If I could intoxicate me, nothing says that the product is not bad in the long term (like eating mold on apples has no short-term effect, but can be harmful in the long term …)
  • Do not consume this product beyond a week (which I think is already too) and well before if it has not been refrigerated

I finally advise:

  • Buy an industrial probiotic (there are obviously no milk!)
  • Pay close attention to hygiene and invest in yogurt (to minimize fermentation time and optimize temperatures)

If you want to scare you, learn, internet often exaggerated but after all, prevention is better than cure!

Well, I have no intention to “scare” but I think once we tasted the joys of intoxication, we do not want to immediately put it back feet …: )

Historical recipe

And here is a surprising microflora! If I use it only to sow my creamery, others drinks it! Attention to sensitive souls, this drink is alive and it feels very, but very, strong!

Ingredients and utensils:

  • A 500ml jar (1 liter), a handkerchief and a resilient
  • 3 shaved” tablespoons of wheat germ (preferably organic)
  • Water (I use the tap water but I‘m the only one I read bloggers doing)


  1. Soak the wheat germ until the a growth appears
  2. Coarsely crush the grains (it will give more flavor to the preparation)
  3. Place the beans in the jar and cover with water
    2015-02-02 20.03.43
  4. Close the jar with the handkerchief and the elastic (the preparation must remain in contact with the air, but not with insects ^^)
    2015-02-02 20.04.32
  5. After 3 days, remove the seeds and use your preparation


In the fridge, with the jar lid, no more than a few days.

Do not reuse the jar without cleaning.