Strawberry-candied lemon Maki (vegan)

Strawberry Leather Ingredients:

  • strawberries
  • Optional: sugar (max 20%)
  • OR strawberry compote (max 20% sugar)

Rice pudding Ingredients:

  • 100g round rice
  • 500ml soy milk (calcium for me) // or rice milk for gluten free
  • 10 mint leaves
  • Caster sugar
  • 50g Lemon bark

Candied Ingredients (for 3 lemons):

  • lemon peel (16 strips with lemon)
  • 400ml water
  • 100g sugar

Strawberry Leather preparation:

  1. spread on 5 mm thick on a plate or greaseproof paper
  2. let dry for a good 6 hours at 70°C (depends ovens or dryers, you’ll see when you can take off one edge and that “it stands”! ^^)

Note: keeps very long time (and really long veeeeeery in a sealed bag without air, like any dehydrated product)

Note 2: Hey! yes, it is best to plan ahead and do it the night before, a bit like the candied lemon peel!

Preparing rice pudding:

  1. put the rice, milk and sugar over low heat for 1 hour
  2. the last 15 minutes, add the mint leaves

Note: it can be conserved 24h, 48 also, but the color will no longer be at the rendez-vous (rice dries milk on the part exposed to the air)

Preparing the candied lemon peel:

  1. Collect bark gently (I cut the bark of a lemon in 4 and I do slat details once bleached)
  2. Blanch 5 times (to bark in cold water, bring to boil, drain, rinse under cold water)
  3. Mix sugar and water to boil, then low heat 10 minutes
  4. Add barks and never mix for 1 hour
  5. Let dry at least 5 hours

Note: also retains incredibly long, but watch out for reserves, they disappear incredibly quickly !!!

IMG_7421For assembly, the ideal would be to have a maki roll, but if not, no fear: it works very well!

  1. On a large fruit leather rectangle, 5 cms wide and 20 cms long (length does not matter, and width depends on the size you want to get), put the rice pudding (cold or very warm) on a thin layer (again, depending on your size: I put 5 mm roughly speaking)
  2. Leave about 1 cm free
  3. Post candied lemon peel to create a line at center of your maki
  4. Rock and ROLL ! (See Note 1)
  5. Cut your pipe maki, and draw up!

Note 1: In order to close the maki, moisten with a brush (or your finger) left open the leather milk-rice

Note 2: please clean with water brush your roll before cutting in maki, but do not overdo it or let it dry a bit before cutting leather

Enjoy, and then also try the blog Tout cru dans le bec, that inspired me first!

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